It began with family…

Three generations ago on the island of Trinidad and Tobago the patriarch and matriarch of the Lee Pow family, John and Rose, enrooted in each of their twelve children the importance of perseverance, passion, and discipline in living life on a farm. From sunrise to sunset, they worked hard to nourish the land and, in return, were blessed with all the ingredients necessary to cook their meals- always flavorful, hearty, and often, spicy!   


 When the Lee Pow family moved to America, spicy dishes were used to remember those traditions and the atmosphere of their Caribbean life. Every family gathering, from special occasions to Sunday dinner, there would often be that spicy dish that everyone, including one of her son’s, Vernon, always recalled searching and finding that one “pepper in the pot”.

Birth of Master Pow’s hot pepper sauce...

Master Pow's & Vernon Jr.

20 years ago, on his quest to look for a hot pepper sauce that equaled that sole “pepper in the pot” taste. Vernon realized that he was limited in his choices of finding that one hot pepper sauce that didn’t add in all the extra ingredients; such as: salts, sugars, preservatives, xantham gums, starches, water, etc…and not just focus on the power of the peppers and allow you to enjoy the essence of this beautiful fruit. 

Given no choice but to figure it out on his own, his frustration fueled his passion and he became inspired by the traditional way of preserving hot peppers in the Caribbean- but with a healthier twist. Many recipes later he perfected his own hot pepper sauce by harmoniously blending different chili peppers and adding a dash of apple cider vinegar… Master Pow's hot pepper sauce was born!! 

After a couple of years of asking his son Vernon Jr. and daughter-in-law, Jessica for help. In January 2020 Master Pow’s Co. was officially started as a hot chili pepper company. 

Master Pow’s Co. | Power to the Pepper™  

Master Pow's Co. Family/Founders

The entire Master Pow’s family invites you to experience the power of the pepper with our first collection of hot pepper sauces products which feature some of the world’s hottest peppers. Keeping our sauces all-natural, vegan, gluten free, preservative free. We produce and bottle all of our hot pepper sauces in small batches in the state of New Jersey. 

Our collection of hot pepper sauces allow you to take full control of your dishes' heat, enjoy the flavors of the peppers all without compromising the flavor of your recipe. Master Pow’s gives you all the heat you want, need and crave. There is a heat level for every type of hot pepper sauce lover. 

Continuing the story...

 Today, Vernon Sr., a.k.a The Master Pow, is known to be the life of the party and one could always count on his cow bell and Trinidadian hot pepper sauce to follow. Passing from one person to another… and another… and another (you get the idea!).  

Before you know it, it’s a guarantee after you have some of Master Pow’s hot pepper sauce you will hear that slight breath, inhale of fresh air that everyone takes when their tongue is on fire and the heat ensues. 

Legend has it….Some people say, he gets his energy from the hot pepper sauce, others say it’s from his excitement to share! Best thing to do is ask him or try it yourself.

It doesn't end here, Master Pow's Co. will be your go to hot chili pepper company. Launching with the first collection of hot pepper sauce to entice you to start your chili pepper journey with the love of the peppers and then take you on an adventure into other chili pepper products. 

Make sure to come back and see what else Master Pow's is crafting!!

Control the heat in your dish.
Embrace the natural flavors.
And create traditions.

Keep the Fête going… Power to the Pepper! ™


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