Trinidad sayings everyone should start using. 


Ah Payap!

Similar to Oh gosh! or Well Yes! An exclamation of wonder or disbelief.

All crab fine dey hole.

Everyone finds their place in life.

Any time is Trinidad time.

Commonly used as an excuse by Trinis who are late to a party or to the office.

Beat de iron while it hot.

Don't waste time. Make use of the opportunties you have now.

Better belly buss than good food waste.

It is better to overeat than to let good food go to waste.

Cattle horn never too heavy for him to carry.

Your troubles will never overburden you. You will always be able to carry your burdens in life.

Common sense make before book sense.

Not all useful knowledge comes from books or formal learning.

Cook up!

Cooking different ingredients in a pot to make a dish like different meats, vegetables, coconut milk, etc. a classic mixed rice dish.

De change from the dollar does make de most noise.

It takes two to quarrel.

Doh cut off yuh nose tuh spoil yuh face.

Don't try to please everyone at your expense.

Doh trouble trouble until trouble trouble yuh.

Don't look for trouble until trouble comes looking for you. Plainly said: Don't look for trouble.

Eat parrot bottom.

An expression for being talkative.

Every bread have a cheese.

Every person is bound to find a soul mate.

Gopaul luck eh seepaul luck.

Not everyone has the same opportunities in life.

I wasn’t invited to the wedding so doh invite me to the funeral.

A bitter remark used by someone who feels slighted. They weren’t invited during the good times so don’t expect them to come to your rescue during the bad times.

Laugh an cry does live in di same house.

The thing that makes you happy may also hurt you.

Loll off.

Relaxing when there is work to be done.

Make haste while de sun shine.

Make use of the time you have now.

New broom does sweep clean, but old broom know all de corners.

A young person may be adventurous and full of vigour but an older person always has the advantage of experience.

One hand cyah clap.

There are things one cannot do alone. This expression shows that in life we need each other.

Only who in de kitchen does feel de heat.

Only those going through a tumultuous time in life of their trials.

Trouble make money eat pepper.

Same as "curiosity killed the cat" Being too inquisitive can often lead to harm.

Wash yuh foot before yuh get in de dance.

Assess a situation carefully before getting yourself involved in it.

What doh kill does fatten.

Any experience that doesn't destroy you, will make you stronger to take on more difficult challenges in life. Also a phrase used by someone when their food falls on the ground and they dust it off, than proceeds to eat it.

Whe horse reach, jackass does reach an pass.

The race is not for the swift, slow and steady wins.

Yuh cyah make love on hungry belly.

Love doesn’t put food on the table. Before getting into a serious relationship or marriage, both partners should have money in the bank.

Yuh have guts like calabash.

You have the ability to stand great trials and overcome them.

Yuh spinnin' top in mud.

You are wasting time.


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